Four Wheeler Formulation And Grades :

IGB TIGRIL ( TG 315 ) Asbestos Free Pads Advantages

IGB 4th Gerneration Pads Have

  • Micro Structure Advantage......The Pad Topography
  • Micro Mechanic Advantage......The Tribological 3rd Body
  • Optimized Surface Resilience......The Matrix Refinement

Salient Features

  • Not Just Performance Advancement …….
  • But Economical Operating Cost
  • High Comfort Factor Due To Fiber Matrix

IGB TIGRIL ( TG 357 ) Asbestos Free Pads Advantages

  • Extended Service Life Over Conventional Pads / linings
  • Contains Copper For Better Heat Dissipation Under Extreme Conditions.
  • Extended Disc / Drum Life Due To Non Aggressive Non-­Detrimental Properties.
  • Smooth Retardation For Better Braking Comfort.
  • Consistent Brake Performance At Different Temperature Levels.